Lighting trends for 2018

Lighting trends for 2018

One of the biggest focus of your home’s design is the lighting system. You can change the atmosphere of a room just by how you position the lighting in your space. The lighting has to reflect the functions and feel of each space.

Lighting design keeps changing, like any part of interior design. Technology is one reason for these changes. Preferences and tastes also change with the new outcomes. That is why we have Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century, Industrial or other styles of lighting fixtures.

Even though 2018 will not bring any radical changes in this area, there are a few notable trends.

  1. Soft gold. Soft colours are used this year by many interior designers and soft gold falls right within this spectrum. The soft gold falls somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. It brings out the warmth and mellowness of gold, while borrowing the soft matte finish of these two hues.
  2. Retro and Industrial Styles come back in more refined forms. Industrial has been about rough finishes, neutral colors and an emphasis on metal. There are some stark differences to what you know as traditional industrial. Nowadays we are talking about an “upgraded industrial” that goes hand in hand with a modern retro.
  3. Vintage Edison-style bulbs have a very retro look. The rounded cone shape makes the bulbs especially homey and perfect for different areas. If you want an authentic retro experience, there are incandescent Edison bulbs still available in the market. But if you want to save some energy, we strongly recommend you to get an Edison-style bulb in modern LED lighting.
  4. Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco are making a comeback. These styles form a continuous line from the 1920s to 1970s. Sputnik and Starbust lamps are great examples in this regard. They both emphasize clean lines, unique designs and a balance of form and art. Art Deco lighting focuses on sharp lines and attractive geometric designs. With Mid-Century modern lighting, you will notice a love for natural shapes that combine functional form and aesthetics.
  5. Less clutter, cleaner lines. Interior design nowadays is based on clean, simple forms. Whether is a modern chandelier or a modern chair excessive ornamentation is losing favor. Hereby, homeowners are opting for simpler and cleaner lighting designs that fit in perfectly among modern decors. These fixtures focus on simple geometric designs and neutral soft colors.
  6. LED lighting. Incandescent bulbs are very wasteful. Most of the power is wasted in the form of heat. More and more homeowners are changing over to LED lighting for it’s money and power saving properties, which is far more efficient and lasts for much longer than incandescent bulbs. Another advantage of LED lighting is the variety of styles available such as: multiple colors, brightness, shapes and so on. The major downside to LED lighting is the high cost of it. To purchase a LED lighting is pretty expensive, but on the long run it is an investment.
  7. Brass. Brass lamps are quite a great additions in your home. Golden is both bright and luxurious and will make any room pop!

Long story short, these are the 2018 lighting trends. But, take it with a grain of salt. Go with your style! Do not feel any pressure to choose a specific style. The best lighting design is one that you like. That one will work best in your home!